A sense of place

A Sense of Place, the exhibition currently on display at Time Out on Emmett in Smithton, embodies the sense of wonder artist June Wilson feels when portraying her north west coast inspired landscapes.

Art. Immersing herself in her surroundings, June Wilson’s latest exhibition is filled with local wonder.

A Sense of Place is currently on display at Smithton cafe Time Out on Emmett.

“My work is primarily to do with light on a landscape,” says the former local now based in Latrobe.

“And what drew me to [these landscapes was that] sense of place . . .  I want to portray the beauty we have here.”

Inspired by the ever-changing land and seascapes of the north west coast, the exhibition features well known views displayed in a new light.

“I’m inspired by light and I want to inspire people to enjoy the landscape we have, many of us don’t notice the beauty around us when we’re so busy in life – we must find inspiration around us.”

Dedicating up to three weeks on each piece, the exhibition is the result of more than four years of work.

Created by hand with pigment mixed with water, Wilson says the experience of creating such intimate works is a powerful one.

“There is no intermediary between you and the surface, no brush, just you holding the pigment in your hand.

“It is quite an involved process, layering the areas heavily where you want to show the most light, gently caressing the surface until you reach the effect you want.”

Some pieces are layered more than 30 times, creating a rich and dense texture.

A Sense of Place will be on display until the end of March.


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