A golfing tale

Stanley Golf Club’s Gwen Charles, Yvonne Emmett and Lorraine “Topsy” Butler met recently to reminisce about a special day back in 1994 when they represented their state in a sport they love.

Memories. Three old golfing friends met recently for lunch and to recall the day back in 1994 when they were drawn together to play in a competition sponsored by General Motors Holden to celebrate the centenary of Women’s Golf Australia.

The competition was an Australian-wide event open to any club wishing to participate.

Little did Gwen Charles, Lorraine “Topsy” Butler and Yvonne Emmett know when they were drawn together what was about to unfold. It turned out to be one of those days most average hackers (that we were) only dream about.

Every shot that should have gone wrong ended up in the perfect spot. Needless to say we ended up with a ridiculous score and won our club competition, and much to our surprise, were notified we had won the state as well.

The final was to be played at Royal Perth Golf Club, Western Australia.

We set off daunted by the fact we would be playing against some of the best golfers in Australia.

But much to our surprise and relief, we found all the other ladies were just like us, average players who enjoy one or two days playing at their local club. We had a very enjoyable trip and although we didn’t bring home any trophies, we were very proud to have represented our beautiful state and the Stanley Golf Club and play on one of the best golf courses in Australia. So you don’t have to be a champion to have your day in the sun.

By Yvonne Emmett


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