A change in tempo

Jacob Carter has a bright bowling career ahead of him after picking the sport up 12 months ago and seeing it as a nice change of tempo from his other hobby in car racing. 

Recreation. Young Jacob Carter enjoys the action of racing and the idle tempo of lawn bowls.

After discovering the sport 12 months ago, if the 14-year-old can’t be found on a dirt race track he will be on the lawn bowls green in Smithton.

An invitation from Roger Carter Mechanical worker Neville Foggo to fill in one afternoon presented the opportunity to Jacob, who found himself returning week-in, week-out.

Now, a “champion in the making” according to fellow bowler Wayne Diprose, Jacob is hoping his peers will take to the sport as he has.

“I’ve asked a few friends but they think it’s an old person’s sport – it’s not,” Jacob said, describing the warm, friendly environment.

“The old blokes come up to you and really encourage you.”

After competing in his first Division Five competition on Saturday against Ulverstone, Jacob admittedly let his nerves get the best of him.

“I played terribly to start to be honest,” he laughed, but after settling into a bit of a routine he managed “a couple of good shots”.

While Jacob’s team won, the combined points from other matches were not enough to overthrow Ulverstone.

Undeterred by the loss, Jacob enjoyed his first competition and looks forward to a double-header this weekend, playing in Penguin on Saturday with Smithton hosting Port Sorell on Sunday.

“I’m in it for the fun,” Jacob said, and mum Kellie Aitken couldn’t be more proud, admitting the change of pace was relieving.

The two joked of the risks associated with bowls and racing. “He’s gone from one extreme to the other,” she said. “It’s a nice change – I think it’s great!”

With social, ‘barefoot’ bowls afternoon sessions hosted weekly from 6pm on Wednesday nights, Jacob hoped his peers would take the opportunity to try their hand at the sport.

As well as this, Smithton Bowls Club is getting behind new players, encouraging young talent to a coaching session with club Life Member Arnold ‘Screwy’ Lane on the morning of Sunday November 29 from 10.15am followed by social games from 1.15pm.


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